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Source: Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City news release

Kansas City, MO - Agriculture and its related businesses continue to be a driving force in the regional economy, according to an analysis (read here) released by the Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City.

Using the most recent data available, 66 agriculture, food, and food processing sectors were analyzed to determine their overall contribution to the economy supported by the Kansas City Agribusiness Council. These 66 sectors have an estimated total economic impact of approximately $24.445 billion and support 98,655 jobs in the Greater Kansas City area.

The study looked at the impact of agriculture, food, and food processing sectors of the 20 counties contained in the Greater Kansas City area. The study found those agri-business sectors account for 6 percent of the entire workforce in the area, or 98,655 jobs.

In looking at the components of the agri-business sector, meat processing accounts for over $3 billion in total output.1 In terms of employment, landscape and horticultural services leads all categories with a total employment estimated at 8,966 jobs. Standing in second place with 6,952 jobs is the category for beef cattle ranching and farming, including feedlots and dual-purpose ranching and farming.

"This study illustrates the continuing strong role agri-business plays in this region's economy," said Bob Petersen, executive director of the Agricultural Business Council." He continued, "These are impressive numbers - over $24 billion in Gross Regional Product and over 98,000 jobs."

"Agriculture has clearly been a key economic driver for the Kansas City region and it holds great potential for the future as well," said Secretary of Agriculture Mike Beam. "The Kansas Department of Agriculture appreciates the strong ties we have with the Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City and other ag partners in the Greater Kansas City area, and we look forward to exploring opportunities for continued growth in this region."

"Here at the Missouri Department of Agriculture, we are thrilled to see the economic impact of agriculture in the Kansas City region," said Missouri Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn. "The Kansas City area is the hub of the world's leading animal health corridor, as well as agribusinesses and companies that impact producers and consumers across the planet. We are proud of the role our industry plays in the region, and look forward to continued growth."

Greg Krissek, CEO of Kansas Corn, noted that Kansas City was founded with agricultural roots and this report solidifies that agriculture and related industries remain the backbone of the Kansas City economy. To put this in perspective, the total estimated agricultural impact of $24.5 billion is larger than the entire economies of 103 counties in Kansas and the estimated job impact of 98,655 is larger than the entire population of all but 5 counties in the state.

The economic analysis was assembled by Tori Laird, agency economist, with the Kansas Department of Agriculture. In addition to staff support from KDA, funding was also provided by the Missouri Department of Agriculture and Kansas Corn, in addition to the Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City.

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