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Right vs Left News reports:

Republican Rep. Mike Waltz pledged the House GOP would start an investigation into the flow of Chinese-supported companies' cash in the United States, if his party retakes the Congressional majority in November.

Talking to on Tuesday, Waltz cautioned that the steady encroachment not just posed a military threat yet could further have negative repercussions on the U.S. economy.

The Florida congressman further fears the investments are already being used as leverage to expand Beijing's influence throughout the world.

Recent reports have highlighted Chinese companies' increasing hold over key sectors of the American economy with purchases of US farmland and the expansion of technology in rural areas.

The FBI sounded the alarm bells over Beijing-influence telecom giant Huawei controlling cellphone towers in the rural Midwest near military bases. The bureau warned, according to CNN, that the technology is capable of disrupting Department of Defense communications.

In the meantime lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are concerned about China's Fufeng Group purchasing land in North Dakota for $2.6 million, only 20 minutes away from a key military base where some of the countey's most sensitive drone technology is kept.

Waltz, a retired Green Beret, stated former colleagues in the military have also expressed concern.

The military threat the purchases pose is apparent "in and of itself," Waltz said, yet continued that another concern should be the effect Beijing's purchases of agricultural land would have on the US's own supply chains.

"There's the land near the base, but I think the more significant concern was that they are investing heavily into America's food supply," he said, according to

"China 2025 has two goals. One is to dominate all of these sectors, but then to is to create dependency, global dependency - including United States - on China for these sectors, and then you know, where the hammer really falls is then they can use that dependency as leverage geopolitically."

"What we're missing from the Biden administration,' he added, 'is a national strategy to bring our supply chains back home, to reduce our dependencies on our greatest adversary."

Questioned if China's increasing economic stake in the US could have an averse affect on the country's financial health, Waltz stated: "it could."

"Right now they could turn off the nation's antibiotics, if they wanted to. We no longer make penicillin in this country," he stated.

"The left wants to drive us toward a new green economy, fine, who makes 90 percent of solar panels, 70 percent of wind turbines, that controls the global lithium supply?"

The U.S. had relied on China for penicillin since 2004 when it shut down all production of the drug. A plant in Tennessee began manufacturing it again as of 2021.

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