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Source: Raven news release

As the demand for agricultural output continues to rise, farmers in the U.S. and Canada are embracing autonomous technology to optimize their operations and boost productivity. A survey1 conducted by Raven and Forward Group in May 2022 revealed that 65% of the 225 harvest cart operators surveyed expressed interest in adopting autonomy solutions, with 29% showing high levels of enthusiasm.

The survey findings emphasize the positive impact of autonomous solutions on farming efficiency, profitability and sustainability. Farmers recognize the value that autonomous technologies can bring to their operations. Notably, a substantial 67% of these farmers are aiming to adopt autonomy technology by 2027, with 47% planning integration into their operations by 2025, provided the technology proves effective for the task.

The survey also indicated that a promising 59% of farmers believe that autonomy will bring significant value to their carting operations. Moreover, a substantial 51% of respondents expressed trust in autonomy technology for their harvest carting operations.

So, what are the driving factors behind this growing interest in autonomy? The survey highlights that 42% of farmers interested in adopting autonomy seek to increase productivity, while 31% see autonomous technology appealing, considering harvesting carting operation a simple task to automate. In addition, 26% of farmers cite difficulties in finding skilled labor for this operation, and 24% express concerns about the time-consuming nature of the task.

In response to these challenges, Raven announced the launch of pre-orders for Raven Cart Automation at Farm Progress Show 2023. Raven's latest offering is a highly reliable automation system that optimizes the unload on-the-go process, simplifying it for any operator at any skill level. By minimizing avoidable grain spillage, reducing operator stress, and improving overall harvest efficiency in some cases, Raven Cart Automation exemplifies Raven's commitment to enhancing farmers' harvesting operations.

How to Navigate Your Path to Autonomy
Navigating the possibilities of autonomy can be daunting, making immediate adoption seem challenging. Raven recognizes that autonomous farming is a journey, not a destination. This is why the company encourages users to take the "" approach. This approach allows each farmer to follow a personalized path towards autonomy by offering a diverse range of products and solutions, each representing different levels of autonomy. By embracing this tailored path, farmers can gradually simplify and automate their operations at their own pace, ensuring a seamless transition to autonomous technology.

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