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Best of NAMA 2024

Source: BKT news release

Hannover, Germany - The long-awaited final of Tractor of the Year 2024 (TotY) - the latest edition of the prestigious award that honors the most innovative tractors on the European market - has just been celebrated. For the fourth year in a row, BKT has demonstrated its continuous commitment as the main sponsor of this highly coveted award.

The awards ceremony took place earlier today at Agritechnica, the prominent international agricultural machinery exhibition. 25 judges - journalists of specialized magazines from all over Europe with expertise in the agricultural mechanization sector - have dedicated a year studying, observing, and analyzing the most advanced and best-performing tractors available on the market.

In order to best represent the farming-tractor market, the award is divided into four distinct categories: Tractor of the Year, dedicated to open-field tractors without restrictions; Best Utility, reserved for multi-purpose utility vehicles with four-cylinder engines, rated between 70 and 150 horsepower, and a maximum operating weight of 10,500 kg; Best of Specialized, for tractors that are suitable for orchards, vineyards, hills and mountains; and finally Sustainable TotY, an award assigned to one of five previously-selected finalists from the three main categories - which rewards the most innovative tractor in terms of environmental impact.

The selection process kicked off with the opening event Let The Challenge Begin, where the manufacturers officially presented their proposals. Afterwards, in the month of September, the jury was very busy with field tests.

During the proclamation, which took place today, four winners have been announced

- Tractor of the Year 2024: CLAAS Xerion 12.650 Terra Trac

- Best Utility 2024: McCormick X5 P3-Drive

- Best of Specialized 2024: Landini Rex 4-120 GT RoboShift Dynamic

- Sustainable TotY 2024: Fendt e107 V Vario

"These tractors represent the zenith of both innovation and excellence in the European farming sector" - says Lucia Salmaso, Managing Director of BKT Europe - "We are excited to see how they will continue to improve and positively influence the future of agriculture, with a particular focus on sustainability issues. Year after year, it is amazing to observe the striking technology solutions and the strong commitment to research on the part of manufacturers. I really want to congratulate with Class, but also with McCormick, Landini e Fendt that have proven that they are true pioneers of innovation in our industry, with their eyes looking towards an ever more promising future".

"It has been an exciting year in which we have witnessed an impressively balanced competition" - comments Fabio Zammaretti, President of Tractor of the Year. - "With as many as twelve competing tractors from eleven top brands, the challenge has been more exciting than ever. The evaluation process started months ago, and today's awards ceremony marks the successful conclusion of another edition - characterized by the commitment and passion of all those who work to bring evolution to this sector. For this reason, I really would like to thank the judges, but above all the four winners".

Thus, the 25th edition has passed into the archives. Our gaze is already turned to next year, as we look forward to learning about the upcoming industry innovations. BKT is ready to renew its commitment to supporting the agriculture of the future, with a special focus on sustainability and innovation.

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