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Source: Agricultural Utilization Research Institute news release

SAINT PAUL, Minn. - The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute (AURI) is now accepting submissions for the Agricultural Innovation Partnership (AIP) program. This program will help catalyze innovation, generate new ideas, and support collaborative partnerships.

Submissions selected for the AIP program will receive cost-share funding from AURI. The information generated through the AIP-funded proposals will help entrepreneurs, businesses, and agricultural processors explore opportunities and technologies in the areas of bio-industrial products and food.

Submissions should answer specific, practical questions, or explore ideas and technologies having practical business applications. Accepted entries must follow the AIP program guidelines and align with program goals set forth by AURI. The deadline for submitting a proposal is March 15, 2024.

AURI will consider proposals spanning the value-added agricultural sector, however, proposals addressing the following topic areas are of particular interest:

Topic #1: Carbon Dioxide as an Asset

There has been considerable interest in sequestering Carbon Dioxide (CO2) generated from value-added agricultural processing across the region through underground transport and long-term storage. Yet CO2 has many uses in current and emerging industries and offers an opportunity to also use the region's CO2 assets. The purpose of this research is to identify, catalog, and evaluate the potential for CO2 utilization in Minnesota and surrounding states.

Topic #2: Dewatering Technologies

Water presents a number of opportunities and challenges for agriculture and the value-added agricultural sector. Not only is water a precious resource requiring conservation, it is also a resource that is costly to transport and remove from many agricultural products. The purpose of this research is to identify, catalog, and evaluate technologies to remove water from agricultural products and byproducts, providing efficiencies and cost-savings related to the transport and utilization of these products.

Topic #3: Innovative Applications for Ag Processing Particulates

Agricultural supply chains are known for minimizing waste and maximizing the value of various outputs. This is the result of economics and opportunity, as well as regulation and impacts on natural resources. As new and emerging industries come online, facilities must grapple with emissions and particulates. The purpose of this research is to identify, catalog, and evaluate technologies to add value to captured particulate emissions generated by the processing of agricultural products.

Topic #4: Open

Topic selected should further AURI's mission to add value to Minnesota's agricultural products, improve efficiencies in the processing of Minnesota's agricultural products, and close information gaps.

Past research through the program has produced applied research studies, as well as guides and tools to help businesses utilizing the state's agricultural products. Information generated through the AIP program is public domain and shared broadly with the intent of helping producers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and agricultural processors explore opportunities and technologies.
AURI encourages partners to discuss initiative concepts with its staff prior to submission.

For more information about the AIP, along with the complete program criteria and instructions on how to submit a proposal, visit or contact AURI Senior Director of Business Development and Commercialization, Jennifer Wagner-Lahr, at

About AURI

The Agricultural Utilization Research Institute is a nonprofit whose mission is to accelerate the expansion of the agricultural economy by empowering expanded uses and markets of agriculturally derived products. It accomplishes this by using science and technology to help develop new uses for agricultural products. It collaborates globally, acts regionally, and is known as an economic catalyst for Minnesota with a focus on bio-industrial products and food. AURI provides a broad range of services, including applied research and development, scientific assistance, and a targeted network across the value chain to foster collaboration.

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