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Source: G & S Business Communications news release

NEW YORK - A recent survey conducted among 313 U.S. adults, who are the primary decision-makers for household groceries, has unveiled pivotal insights into the public's perception of the food system's sustainability. The study, conducted on February 3, 2024, by G&S, an integrated marketing communications agency, was designed to reflect the U.S. demographic based on the Census and with a margin of error of +/-5.7%, sheds light on the urgent need for increased education and more transparent communication from the food industry.

Key Findings:

Limited Understanding with a Desire to Learn More: Approximately 69% of respondents have only a slight to moderate understanding of the food system, yet an equal percentage expressed a keen interest in deepening their knowledge, indicating a significant opportunity for educational initiatives.

Sustainability Misconceptions: Only 21% of participants claim to have a robust understanding of what a sustainable food system entails, pointing to a widespread need for clarity and outreach on this critical issue.

Identified Priorities: Enhancing soil health (67%), minimizing environmental impacts (62%) and reducing waste in the food chain (59%) were identified as the top elements of a sustainable food system, suggesting these areas should be focal points for communication and action.

Shared Responsibility with a Call for Leadership: While 69% of respondents believe in a collective responsibility toward sustainability, they primarily view farmers, the government and food processors as the key players, indicating a gap between consumer responsibility and industry accountability.

Barriers to Sustainable Choices: Cost (70%), availability (47%) and lack of information (45%) are the main obstacles preventing consumers from choosing more sustainable food options, highlighting areas for industry improvement.

Implications for the Food Industry:

These findings underscore a clear demand for greater transparency, education and accessibility regarding sustainable food practices. There is a critical need for the food industry to demystify sustainable practices, making it easier for consumers to make informed choices that align with their values and concerns, particularly regarding climate change and its impact on food security.

Implications for Agriculture:

The survey's findings have profound implications for the agriculture sector, emphasizing the crucial role of farmers and agricultural businesses in addressing sustainability challenges. With 83% of respondents reporting low to moderate awareness of the sustainability efforts undertaken by farmers, there is a compelling need for increased visibility and communication of these practices. Agriculture must rise to the occasion, showcasing innovation and stewardship in soil health, resource management and eco-friendly farming techniques. This presents an opportunity for the agriculture community to lead by example, fostering a deeper connection with consumers and reinforcing the value of sustainable practices from farm to table.

Call to Action:

The survey results serve as a call to action for all stakeholders in the food system - from farmers to distributors, retailers and policymakers - to collaborate in making sustainability an accessible and understandable priority for all. This includes not only improving sustainable practices across the supply chain but also ensuring that consumers are informed, engaged and empowered to contribute to a more sustainable food future.

For further details on the findings, or to schedule an interview with our experts, please contact:
Steve Halsey, Chief Growth Officer, G&S Business Communications,, 1.212.697.2600,

About G&S

G&S is a global, independent and integrated marketing communications firm headquartered in New York, with offices in Chicago and Raleigh, North Carolina. The agency helps innovative companies change the world, specializing in the key industries of Advanced Manufacturing & Energy, Agribusiness, Financial & Professional Services, Healthcare & Wellness, Home & Building, and Landscaping & Outdoor Living. The firm's global network extends across more than 60 countries and 165 cities through its PROI Worldwide partnership. Learn more at

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