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To which seed companies are farmers turning for genetically enhanced seeds? For which special features are farmers purchasing in seed? For which are they paying the most? How do sections of the country differ?

As biotech corn and soybean crops created greater product differentiation, identifying and measuring producer submarkets has become vital to the development and evaluation of marketing strategies and tactics. The power of research data to aid this process is proportional to the ease with which the data can be accessed in a meaningful format.

To assist marketers in their analysis, good data tools should a) be based on a meaningful, reliable data source; b) get the researcher to the data cut they need quickly and c) be straight forward to use.

SeedSearch, a PC-based data retrieval and reporting interface developed by Doane Marketing Research, Inc., is an example of such a tool. SeedSearch provides company and hybrid/variety market share information from the Doane U.S. Farm Corn Seed and U.S. Farm Soybean Seed Studies. No database skills are required to generate results. By selecting from scrollable lists of companies, hybrids, geographies, acreage, biotech seed type, and other variables, a user can easily slice the information to analyze specific market niches. Data in the resulting report include projections of acres planted, units planted, planting rate, producer expenditures, cost per acre and cost per unit. Results can be quickly viewed on the screen, printed, or output to Excel files for graphing, mapping or further analysis.

For example, to determine what seed companies producers turn to for high oil content corn, a SeedSearch user would simply select "High Oil Content" from the "Special Use" feature list and run the request. To further refine the inquiry, he or she might then add "Maturity Zones" as the geography to cut the data, and then view either all zones or select specific zones of interest. Each of these queries can be performed with a minimal number of mouse clicks. AM

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