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Hire right! The ultimate goal of interviewing and easier said than done. Last month we talked about how to find the pool of qualified candidates and behavioral based questions. Let's step back and look at the overall interview process and how this can make the task of hiring the right person easier.

This doesn't mean looking at the candidate's resume as they are walking in the door. Know what skills and qualifications the job requires and prepare your questions.

Prepare your office - be sure that the candidate will be comfortable, that there are no distractions, and that those involved with the interview know the schedule. Schedule ample time for each interview and allow time after each candidate to make notes.

This may be considered easy or obvious, but making the candidate comfortable is a crucial step in setting the tone for a productive interview. Begin by introducing yourself and ask "break the ice" questions, such as, "Did you have any problems finding our office?" or "How did you hear about this job?" Then move into general work related questions - "Tell me about your job experience as it relates to this position," or "Tell me what you did in your last job." This will then provide a natural progression into the behavioral based questions you have developed.

To review, behavioral based questions ask the candidate to reflect on a situation, what their actions were, and the results. Don't be scared to ask probing or digging questions to follow-up on a behavioral based question like "Can you expand on that?" or "What would you have done differently looking back?"

At the end of the interview, invite your candidate to ask questions. The types of questions the candidate asks or if they ask any at all will give you insight into their priorities and their interest level in the organization and job.

Close the Interview
Thank the candidate for their time and remind them of the selection process and time frame. Take this opportunity to "sell" the candidate on the company and job. Remember, you want candidates to leave with a positive impression and respect for the organization.
For more information on how can assist in developing an effective interview process for your organization e-mail: is the leading online job board and human resource service provider for agribusiness. is a member of the family of companies.

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