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I traveled through Iowa in mid-February, on the one route that is probably most traveled by those of us in the ag industry Interstate 80.

Many a traveler probably thinks that is a pretty dreary drive, particularly during that time of year. The fields are empty, the trees are dormant, even the livestock is under cover.

I'll have to confess that I had the same feeling as I started out. But then, I started noticing all of the vehicles sporting logos representing the various sectors of agriculture, toting their drivers and payloads to prepare the country for this year's crop season.

First there was a DeKalb seed truck, followed by a Van Diest (crop input) truck, followed by a Lindsay truck carrying a brand new center pivot. There were trucks hauling green, red and yellow spray rigs. Trucks with green and red cotton harvesters and combines. And finally, a Land O' Lakes/Purina feed truck. All in a ten mile stretch.

I was passed by a young farmer in a pickup truck loaded with Pioneer seed corn. I then passed a livestock truck filled with cattle headed for market.

Then there was another pickup, this one with a Golden Harvest logo on its side panel, and sporting a new AgriSure traits logo on its tailgate. I assume that was a DSM.

Throughout my trip, I stayed informed about our fascinating industry, listening to the AgriTalk radio show, followed by the "Big Show" first on WMT (Cedar Rapids), and then on WHO (Des Moines).

By my count, nearly one in four vehicles were related to the ag industry.

I-80 is truly the ag industry's main artery!

So the next time you are traveling, you can amaze your friends and entertain your family by pointing out all the different segments of the ag industry that are East-bound and down. Especially if you can give a logical explanation about what a cotton picker is doing in the Hawkeye state. (Hint: they are manufactured in Ankeny, IA and Benson, MN.)

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